Wk 15- Artist Interview- Troy Rounsellive

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For my last gallery I choose Troy because his art was so interesting. It involved mechanics and instruments, even mechanics that makes sounds. I was so fascinated especially when it came to the little room inside gallery. It was full of mirrors that with motion played sounds and then you were able to look at our selves. The way he came upon his project was that he started to explore his questions that he had. Like, Does transferring emotions through technology change the authenticity of ones experience? Can face to face experience ever truly be presented (captured) once filtered through computers, phones or other digital media? How will technology transform the nature of own embodied experience with other sentient beings? I was just so amazed with the way he projected his thoughts through his experience.


Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Kiana Lightbourn

imageI finally got to meet Kiana. I think her hair is so cool, and I always wanted to interview her. I saved her best for last. She is currently a Marine Biology major, and a freshman. While attending CSULB she is commuting from Signal Hill. The reason for her major is because she always had a pass for the aquarium pacific as a child. She always had the interest and started to read books on. Then there is her cool hair which started off as shoulder length blue then she wanted something different so her mom cut her hair short.  When she has free time she loves to read books, her favorite is The Phantom by Mortan Juster which was written in perhaps the 60’s. When it comes to music she loves alternative rock. Today was a great way to end my last conversation. It was great meeting her.

Wk 13- Artist Interview- Marie Thibeault

imageI had the pleasure of interviewing and getting to view her art in her gallery. She describes how this was an extraordinary experience working with so many artist from landscape, figuration, and narration, even abstraction, hybridity and process driven work. She was so proud of all of them having opened minds and collaborating their ideas together.


After reading and seeing what she spoke I saw what she described. It was as if there was so many personalities in these paintings some from the same person. I thought all theses paintings were so exquisite. There was one I would hang in my room the way the moon or maybe it was the soon was just painted withe all these dark colors around it. I think I might want to minor in art. I had a very strong love for art during middle school especially since they had such a great program. These paintings brought back what I felt for art. Thank you for sharing.

Wk 13- Classmate Interview- Christine Trinh


What can say I’ve met so many freshman this year and they all have been so interesting. Let me tell you about another freshman who’s major is accounting. She currently lives at home with her family which include her three siblings. She commutes to school from garden grove. Her hobbies when she has free time are drawing, babysitting, playing video games and watching Anime. Near her future she would love to live in Huntington beach or garden grove area. She hasn’t thought about her occupation. Her experience so far here at CSULB has been good but she says its different then high school. She said this wasn’t her first choice but she wanted to stay local not to far from home. This was a perfect choice for her to stay local. Good luck Christine!

Wk 12 – Activity Feedback

During this semester I’ve had an interesting time with our so many activities. My top three activities are Plaster Catering, Painting and Instagram. Plaster Catering was my favorite because I love the beach.Even though I wasn’t able to go to the beach and actually do the project,I know I would of really enjoyed the fact that I was at the beach with friends. Painting because I have always enjoyed painting and this was a different kind of way to paint, and who wouldn’t love to go to the beach again. Last but not least I enjoy posting pictures on Instagram.

My least three favorite aren’t any. I think if I had my full on focus on school then I would of been able to complete every single project but going to work and everything else in my life had got a little difficult to balance. I honestly enjoyed this class. I’ve made a good friend in the glass which was nice. Also Its as if I know more then half the class because of the interview. This class has really opened my eyes on so much more which I am already an open person.

Thanks so much for the great experience professor Zucman!

Wk 12 – Classmate Interview – Mariela Herrera


Turns out that she and I had more in common then expected. She is currently a third year here at CSULB. She is 20 years old, criminal justice, and does so much for family like I do. She currently commutes from south gate. When she isn’t busy which is rare she likes to hike, run, and be an explorer. She loves shopping at little boutiques, her favorite store is G-Stage. She really enjoyed the class because she’s more people ever just in this one class then all of her 3 years here.She is a great person at heart who takes care of her family so well. I know in the end she’ll suceed in taking care of her family. You guys should take a look at her page : http://marielah21.wordpress.com/.