Wk1- Artist Interview- Shelbi Schroeder


Indefinite Obsession captured my attention most from all of the art I saw on Thursday. Even though I didn’t have the honor of interviewing the artist I feel as if I can relate to what the image is stating or maybe I am wrong but this is what I felt.

There in the image is a women hugging herself in a room as if she’s shy but in a way comfortable in her body. She’s covering herself because today’s society skinny is what you’re supposed to be proud of,not being voluptuous. Yet she seems as if she is comfortable in her body wearing sheer nylons but at the same time the nylons are holding her body together holding her together. Maybe she’s barley just holding herself together from falling apart but she keeps herself up.

Her looking down has me thinking what is she thinking? Is she really comfortable in her skin? Did I read her body language wrong? I think it takes a lot to stand there partially nude and that captured so much in one image. We all struggle with our appearance till this day so we can all look appealing to society.


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