Wk1-Classmate Interview-Michelle Hall



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I know on Thursday I was not able to meet an artist from the galleries instead I got to meet a classmate who is a artist of her own. She is a Liberal Arts major entering her fifth year here at Cal State Long Beach. This is actually her last semester her since she only needed 6 units to get her diploma. She already crossed the stage, congrats to her for this huge accomplishment.

Michelle is a hands person who is active and loves art. Even though she is a Liberal Arts major on her free time when she isn’t working at Olive Garden as a Host/Server Specialist/ Certified Trainer she enjoys her own doing her art and being active. She is able to croche , knit , and paint. While we were talking she showed me a painting of one of her 4 cats and its really beautiful the way she captured the color of her cats fur and features. When it comes to being active she loves to go cycling with her family which is now something they all do together when they can. She usually does 40-50 miles a week and when she isn’t riding or creating art she likes to watch t.v.

She is really enjoying her life. This past summer she mostly enjoyed the beach and traveling to Mexico. Also she baby sat when possible. Even with baby sitting and her job she was still able to design the remodeling for her kitchen and living room. One of her goals for next summer is to try to be a science camp counselor which involves kids and nature. Those are 2 things she enjoys working with kids and being in the wilderness. After doing this it will help her determine what kind of teacher she would love to be the most . I wish her the best when it comes to her goals and aspirations. I really enjoyed  having a conversation with Michelle, shes great!



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