Instagram is way to communicate with the world not just words but with images. Images we want to share with our followers, let them see the world from our view. We all see the world differently and sometimes its great to take a step back to see what others see. I noticed that we have a variety people in our class, who are just enjoying life. At least i hope we all our enjoying the only lives we have to live. We have couples who are sharing moments together, then we have others who are just enjoying their friends. We have people who are working trying to earn some money, we also have those who are in a fraternity/ sorority, we have people who are just home enjoying some video game. The list can go on what everyone did during the day. We all have different lives with different responsibilities and maybe some have more than other. In the end we all have some similar interest.

 You never know weather you and a classmate share common interest. While scrolling threw the hash tags I noticed that I am not the only one who enjoys eating sushi every now and then. I saw that many other people enjoy eating yogurt land like I do. I would of never known those things if it wasn’t for this project. Our class seems to have a lot of school spirit which is great. I know I am not the only who enjoys coming to CSULB. We have a community of students who are enthusiastic about their school. Then again who wouldn’t love to going to CSULB. The vibe is so great on campus and us as the students who attend the school are the ones who create the vibe.


It was great seeing what people wanted to share with with world. We all have different lives. I don’t think anyone shares the same life as anybody. We all have something uniquely different about us. Thanks everyone for sharing your view of your world. Hope you enjoyed mines as well. 



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