Wk2- Artist- April Bey



April’s art caught my attention because the colors and images just popped so much. Then when I read what the images were named I knew I had to choose her as my next artist. The image is called Why Do You Worship? (Beyonce’ the Feminist) Why Do You Worship? (Hannah Horvath’s Tits) Why Do You Worship? (Hannah Montana’s Swag) Why Do You Worship? (Washington’s White Hat).  After reading these questions, I took another look at the images and began to think why do people worship them?

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing who they worship. I honestly don’t know who Hannah Horvath is or Washington’s White Hat. I know I don’t Worship Beyonce’ but I know people who do, and they all have given me different reason. Some say there’s no need for a reason its Beyonce’. Some say because she is a diva who is fierce and she is just amazing. Then again these people have never meet her so they wouldn’t know.

When it comes to Hannah Montana many people don’t approve of her new image. When it comes to people who worship her it seems to be youth because how she rebelled against what she stood for. They say she grew up and this is her new image and they love it. Everyone has their different opinions. I think that all these famous people are humans like us and its just that their lives are publicized. So why do you worship them if there’s other people who are similar to them yet they are worshiped.


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