Wk2- Interview – Yu-Tung Lin

I had a lovely conversation With Yu-Tung this week. She is a very sweet girl who is in her junior year here at CSULB. Her major is Human resource and business because she loves working with people. I had the the chance to speak about which artist she choose to write about this week. She choose to write about Indefinte Obsession which I had wrote about last week. The reason she wants to write about the image is that it spoke to her in some way making her think that women need love and confidence. It was interesting that we both had different views on the images that we choose. 

When she is in our class she is working at a restaurant called Class 302 as a cashier. She seems to love enjoy working their and says the food is really delicious there. So I shall be stopping by sometime to try their delicious food.  Then whens she has free time she likes to go shopping with her friends  and just be outside in general. At the end of the conversation she mentioned that she loves Instagram and was excited for our week activity. She also brought up that for her 21st birthday she will be heading to Vegas.

It was really great speaking with her and I hope she enjoys her big 21 in Vegas, which shes leaving right after last final. You guys should catch up with her when you get chance. Check her out at yutinglin.com 


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