Wk3-Artist Interview-Tricia E. Rangel





Tricia’s art work really caught my attention which is called A New Foundation. Her new foundation has somewhat of a personal meaning to her. She took many of the dirt from places that have a significant meaning to her life. She projected emotion threw her art that she has felt like failure, strength, vulnerability, weakness. Dirt is something that you can mold into anything with  the right tools. The way she molded the dirt was all intuitive just the way she shaped it and placed them. Emotions can change they’re raw. You can be happy, then sad the next and then happy again. Life is what you choose to make out of it and you choose how you feel about events that happen in your life.

Each piece in the long chain represents someone from the cemetery that she know and there is one gold chain that represents someone close to her heart.  The other piece that seems to me to be in a shape of a heart are map shapes from her hometown. Some other students and I asked if she intentionally made the shape of a heart but as before she had said its something that is intuitive. Her art honestly spoke from her heart and even though she will have to take the dirt apart she said she can just always mold it into some other shape. Just how we go threw challenges in our life, its the way we deal with them that reflects who we are as a person.








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