Wk3-Classmate Interview- Marlene Gonzalez

Marlene Gonzalez is a third year at CSULB and her major is child development. I actually had meet her our freshman year here at CSULB. She is studying in child development so she can be a pre-school teacher.  At the moment she is a Home Care provider for a lady who is a family friend. I thought that was really interesting because I actually have cousins who are Home Care  providers for our grandparents.

We ended up just catching up with each other and how our lives have been going. I had brought up in our conversation that I am moving out. It turns out that she just recently moved out last December with her boyfriend. She was telling that it was a lot of transition because she was used to her mom cooking and helping her out. She said she is really glad that she made the decision because it was a new step in her life.

Sadly we had forgotten to take a picture for our blog because we were to into our conversation. You guys should get to know Marlene and if you want  here’s her blog is http://gonmarlene@wordpress.com.


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