Wk 4- Artist Interview – Jeannette Viveros

I guess you can say I am a girly girl because all the pink material just caught my attention and how soft the walls were in the gallery. I got the chance to speak to Jeannette who named her piece “Utterly Pink” , I love the name! This piece was all about the color pink. IMG_2706

It turns out that pink wasn’t for girls until the mid-19th century. I started to think how she did, imagine society decide pink was girls. There would of been many men who would of wore pink. Today men wouldn’t be so careful in not wearing such a feminine color. Then towards to the end of her statements piece she talks how Victoria secret but in a decree way. Right when she said Victoria I already knew who she was speaking of because there’s so much pink through out the store. It all made sense in why they choose pink and not any other color.


Her piece had hooks connected to pink strings, I forgot to ask her what it meant. But to me it was her way in connecting feminism and masculinity. You guys should of seen this piece.


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