Wk 4-Classmate Interview- Sandra Menjivar


Everyone meet Sandra! She is currently a freshman here at CSULB. We started to talk about why were talking this course and iwe both aare for our GE requirement. Turns out we both are really enjoying class. As a freshman she came in undelared but wantys to go into education. We could always use more teachers. Then we started to talk about what we enjoy doing on our personak time. She enjoys the beach, bike riding, running and watching movies. She does more but we said our favorites. We found out that she loves tea which her favorite is tea but she doesn’t like green tea which is my favorite. I thought it was when were talking.

Turns out she had already bought the plaster for the project which she said she was excited to do. Her friends invited her to the beach but she said she had to finish her project and not look weird while everyone is enjoying the beach. I hope the project was fun for her! At the moment she works on campus which is awesome. She enjoys how close it is but she doesn’t get many hours like others. She gets to meet many international students which must be interesting.Good luck with everything. You guys should get to know Sandra, she’s really funny and nice!(: Here’s her url: http://sandrmenjivar@wordpress.com.


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