Wk 5-Artist Interview- Enas Abdelkhaleq




Unfortunately I was not able to meet this artist but her photography and synopsis said it all, at least I think so. I was not sure if the artist was supposed to take a self portrait but the way she stood in her photograph proud of home country representing whar she stood for. She spoke of her deepest desire which is to return and make her home a better place. Her facial expression showed how strong she is, that she is proud to be from Palestine and she would not have it any other way.

I choose this image because it was as if she was standing there, ready for anything weather it was just a question or to conquer the world. She held her head high ready to fight her battle for Palestine. She wrote how she had to leave her home country at  the age of 14 years old. She knows of nothing else but how her childhood was so good. Being said all she wants is to bring happiness to anyone and everyone who is need of it. I like that shes ready to speak for people and become a voice, just by her writing that in her synopsis is already empowering.


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