Wk 5-Classmate Interview- Steven Lozano



What can I say about Steven he is such an interesting person. He has so much ambition and is on the right track to getting to his goal. Before we talk about his goal let me tell you a little about him. He is currently 18 years old which he recently just turned in August and this is his first year here at CSULB. Where is he from? He grew up in Whittier, California which is about 40 minuets from school. Even though he is very light skin his ethnicity is Mexican. On his free time he enjoys running and the most hes ran is 8 miles. He says that a persons taste of music can say it all, when it comes to his taste he enjoys everything but but his favorite genres are alternative rock and jazz. His favorite band is Daft Punk which is funny because they aren’t in his favorite genres. Then there’s his favorite movies which are Cars and The Batman trilogy. He loves his dogs which their names are Sassafrice and Grizzly. I thought his dogs names were really interesting. One is a rottweiler and the other one is half wiener half shiatsu. When it comes to school he is adjusting to his life here at CSULB, he said he is working on his time management which is a little difficult for him, but he’ll get a hang of it. Back to his goal which is to own his own business where he makes his own custom posters, shirts, hats and peel off tattoos. Which would make sense why he is majoring in Business management and minor in art. You guys should interview Steven for your next interview, take a look at his page: http://stevenkle.wordpress.com/ .


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