Wk 6-Artist Interview-Isiah Ulloa

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The gallery I choose this week not only had Isiah in it but 2 other artist. Their names are Juan Martin and Angel G. Franco.This piece was so interesting because not only did some of the pieces look surreal but there was more then one piece to this gallery. I thought the whole gallery was really intriguing. The name of the gallery is Labyrinth.

Before I went to interview Isaiah I read the description of what the gallery was saying. The paper basically said that this is a collaboration of machines and handcrafted work which was so interesting because I would of thought that it was all created by just the 3 artist. Then I got to interview only Isiah. He had so much to say about his piece. Its not necessarily only his piece but he was being humble stating that he gives majority of the credit to Juan. He said he’s the creative one but Isiah you had a part in this gallery so therefore you are creative person also helping another creative person expand his horizon. You guys did a great job with the foam I could of sworn when I walked in it looked to real. It was as if I could of jumped in the snow myself. It turns out that the body in the “snow” is actually his body scanned and carved by a computer but 3x smaller. The inspiration was the point that they are able to create figures with machines making art evolve. The 3 artist are BFA sculpting majors.




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