Wk 6- Classmate Interview – Matthew Savedra


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew who is currently a freshman here at CSULB. Let me tell you a little about Matt, he seems like a fun guy and from interviewing him he has a interesting vibe. His major at the moment is Business management. He likes our campus since his high school was a small school. He currently commutes but has an easy commute since he just lives in Lakewood. How lucky he is. He enjoys every kind of music. Not only do we have that in common but we both love the show named The American Horror Story which is so good. I recommend everyone see the new season this week !! When he isnt at school he enjoys hanging out with his friends old and new. His goal is to graduate try to get a job in business and hopefully one day own his own business which he still is figuring out what kind of business he wants to open. Good Luck!!! It was nice meeting Matt, follow him on word press http://matthewsavedra.wordpress.com/


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