Wk 10- Artist Interview- Sophia Dao, Maggie Freed, Yee Li


There art was so emotional. When observing the galleries from the outside, I knew I had to choose these pieces for my blog. Before interviewing the artist the painting made somewhat happy but I also felt so many other emotions because of the sharp angles. The dark colors mixed with bright colors. I seen that they put all their emotion into the art with so much passion.

image                    image

When interviewing the two artist, they told us how they put what they felt into their art. All the stress, anxiety, what ever made them feel so heavy was expressed with the shadows, dark colors, and such pointy angles. I understand why they felt that because Yee is finishing her last semester and Maggie just graduated. They are heading into the adult world which always throws things your way. Even though that is what they felt about their art, they expressed that people can also feel happiness in the art, its all up to the person who is admiring their art pieces.

image                           image


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