Wk 10 – Classmate Interview- Alan Vu


What can I say about Alan,  he’s a very  interesting guy. We met in the first couple weeks or so in class. Let me tell you a little bit Alan. He is currently a sophomore here at CSULB and his major is Speech Pathology. He is very involved with school since joining Sigma Kappa Tau. When finish with school he opens to work in a children hospital or a school. As he gets more experience he hopes to open his own business some day. Before coming to CSULB he had lived most of his life he lived in the OC till he was about 12 then he lived in Celenis. We also talked about tatttoos which we both have interest in even though he doesn’t have any at the moment. He wants his first tattoo to be a water buffalo with a lotus flower because how they represent strength coming from such harsh places. Yet they both have great essences to them. When it comes to eating we both love Sushi and Pho, which we talked about our favorite places to eat.  Then there’s the love he has for hiking, hanging out with friends, and being adventurous. You guys she get to know Alan: http://alantvu.wordpress.com/


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