Wk 12 – Activity Feedback

During this semester I’ve had an interesting time with our so many activities. My top three activities are Plaster Catering, Painting and Instagram. Plaster Catering was my favorite because I love the beach.Even though I wasn’t able to go to the beach and actually do the project,I know I would of really enjoyed the fact that I was at the beach with friends. Painting because I have always enjoyed painting and this was a different kind of way to paint, and who wouldn’t love to go to the beach again. Last but not least I enjoy posting pictures on Instagram.

My least three favorite aren’t any. I think if I had my full on focus on school then I would of been able to complete every single project but going to work and everything else in my life had got a little difficult to balance. I honestly enjoyed this class. I’ve made a good friend in the glass which was nice. Also Its as if I know more then half the class because of the interview. This class has really opened my eyes on so much more which I am already an open person.

Thanks so much for the great experience professor Zucman!


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