Wk 13- Artist Interview- Marie Thibeault

imageI had the pleasure of interviewing and getting to view her art in her gallery. She describes how this was an extraordinary experience working with so many artist from landscape, figuration, and narration, even abstraction, hybridity and process driven work. She was so proud of all of them having opened minds and collaborating their ideas together.


After reading and seeing what she spoke I saw what she described. It was as if there was so many personalities in these paintings some from the same person. I thought all theses paintings were so exquisite. There was one I would hang in my room the way the moon or maybe it was the soon was just painted withe all these dark colors around it. I think I might want to minor in art. I had a very strong love for art during middle school especially since they had such a great program. These paintings brought back what I felt for art. Thank you for sharing.


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