Wk 12- Artist Interview – Angie Samblotte

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When I first walked into the gallery I fell in love. The drawings of graphite and dark colors were beautiful. I literally to the time to enjoy her art because everything was just so detailed and beautiful. Angie and her partners idea for this gallery was taking time to slow down and enjoy beauty. She would love for people to slow down enjoy the little things that you see in your surroundings. Many people say time is money but she says Time is Growth which I think is true and a nice saying. She was always into art since she was young but instead of putting it aside she kept doing what she loved. Thanks for the beautiful gallery.

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Wk 11- Classmate Interview – Ricky Almenero


I had the pleasure of meeting Ricky this week who is a freshman and his major is undeclared. Even though he is undeclared he is thinking of changing his major to Civil Engineering. Before attending Cal State Long Beach he went Warren High School. While attending his high school he did Track and Cross country. He currently commutes to school from Downey which takes him about 15-20 mins to get to school.

When he is on his free time he likes to watch Netflix, and work on his car. He has a Nissan 1990 240 sx car. If he isn’t hanging out with his friends he is with friends or taking things apart and putting them back together. It was very interesting conversation with Ricky.

Wk 11- Artist Interview – Romina Del Castillo

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This I had the pleasure of viewing Romina’s art. She wanted us to have a view of her world and we did. I know I did, her art was really interesting. The people she painted were live art, and not only did she draw what she saw but she drew other things that she saw which is really interesting. Then the way she limited her tools to charcoal and pastels which only have certain colors were very interesting.She gave us a view into to her world which made me give her paintings a second thought as in what she was trying to tell us the audience. Your art was beautiful and unique in it own way.

Wk 11- Student choice


At first I wanted to do something with clay but at the moment I don’t have transportation to go buy clay. When I was in middle school that is when I fell in love with art. I thought I had saved some graphite pencils I had but i didn’t so I used a regular pencil which isn’t  the same. I wanted to buy some but I don’t know any places that are at walking distance that sell art supplies. I just decide to draw things I enjoy and things that represent me as a person. I learned that I wasn’t bad a drawing but I’m not as good as I was in middle school.

Wk 10 – Activity – Landscape

This was very interesting project. My little sister actually helped myself with the photography. If only I actually had a camera with better quality this project would would of been more interesting. Before taking the picture I decided to take it in a room with some objects that are used to get ready which are laid out on the floor. Dying while getting ready or what do you think?


Wk 10 – Classmate Interview- Alan Vu


What can I say about Alan,  he’s a very  interesting guy. We met in the first couple weeks or so in class. Let me tell you a little bit Alan. He is currently a sophomore here at CSULB and his major is Speech Pathology. He is very involved with school since joining Sigma Kappa Tau. When finish with school he opens to work in a children hospital or a school. As he gets more experience he hopes to open his own business some day. Before coming to CSULB he had lived most of his life he lived in the OC till he was about 12 then he lived in Celenis. We also talked about tatttoos which we both have interest in even though he doesn’t have any at the moment. He wants his first tattoo to be a water buffalo with a lotus flower because how they represent strength coming from such harsh places. Yet they both have great essences to them. When it comes to eating we both love Sushi and Pho, which we talked about our favorite places to eat.  Then there’s the love he has for hiking, hanging out with friends, and being adventurous. You guys she get to know Alan: http://alantvu.wordpress.com/

Wk 10- Artist Interview- Sophia Dao, Maggie Freed, Yee Li


There art was so emotional. When observing the galleries from the outside, I knew I had to choose these pieces for my blog. Before interviewing the artist the painting made somewhat happy but I also felt so many other emotions because of the sharp angles. The dark colors mixed with bright colors. I seen that they put all their emotion into the art with so much passion.

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When interviewing the two artist, they told us how they put what they felt into their art. All the stress, anxiety, what ever made them feel so heavy was expressed with the shadows, dark colors, and such pointy angles. I understand why they felt that because Yee is finishing her last semester and Maggie just graduated. They are heading into the adult world which always throws things your way. Even though that is what they felt about their art, they expressed that people can also feel happiness in the art, its all up to the person who is admiring their art pieces.

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